Project Examples

Construction Site Compliance

15 Murray hand sweep

Trackout management

  •  Third-party inspector for two King County CSO projects, finding cost-effective solutions to maintain permit compliance; Seattle, 2014-2016.
  • Logistics planning to avoid trackout and minimize project runoff for a $16 million apartment project,  Vancouver, WA 2011
  • Audited stormwater management program, specified BMPs to resolve chronic runoff problems, advised on other compliance matters, Kittitas Valley Wind Farm 2010
  • Third party CPESC inspector for Sound Transit,  resolving compliance issues, Capital Hill demolition 2009
  • Advised  superintendents inspectors in resolution of compliance and BMP issues, numerous projects 2007-2015


  • Developed and managed ESA Regional Road Maintenance program, lead trainer for maintenance workers in minimizing impacts to water courses and maintaining compliance with the Endangered Species Act, WSDOT/University of Washington.
Check dam testing, Club Mud 2005

Check dam testing, Club Mud 2005

  • Co-developed hands-on field training in stormwater BMP use (“Club Mud”), and presented it to over 4000 maintenance workers, contractors, and regulators in Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Club Mud is a standard part of the curriculum for the Washington Department of Ecology’s “CESCL” certification.
  • Co-developed and presented additional hands-on field trainings for the ESA Regional Road Maintenance program: Bridge Maintenance BMPs; In-Water Work; BMPs for Construction Inspectors.
  • Custom designed trainings for construction workers focused on helping them to support their employers’ stormwater management programs.
  • Designed and presented courses on erosion control, technical trail construction, basic surveying for trail workers in remote wilderness locations throughout California

In-Stream Construction

Skyline log delivery

“Hobbit Bridge” Duvall 2004

“Hobbit Bridge” Duvall 2004

 Hand-constructed projects in locations inaccessible to heavy equipment:
  • Reconstruction of failed in-stream log structures, Coal Creek 2011
  • Delivery of logs 200’ through the forest via “skyline”, construction of habitat structures in Rock Creek, Cedar River Watershed 2006
  • Construction of custom log bridge, private project 2004

Trail Construction

Rock wall construction, Kings Canyon N.P., California Conservation Corps 2010

Rock wall construction, Kings Canyon N.P., California Conservation Corps 2010

  • Provided training and technical assistance to backcountry trail crews in wilderness areas throughout California, California Conservation Corps, 2009-2011

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